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[NI0039] This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
Henry /HOWLAND/ (AFN:8WRK-72) and Ann // (AFN:8NRL-H3)

Apr 9, 1920
E. C. Vickers, an old settler of Dane township, died at his home southwest
of the town last Saterday (April 3, 1920) after a prolonged illness of what was
thought to be cancer of the stomach.
He has lived in that neighborhood for about twenty years and was a highly
respected citizen.
He leaves a wife and five small children to morn his loss and a wide circle
of friends.
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. L. L. Pressler, of Nebraska, and
the body laid to rest in the Bethel cemetery, Sunday. (April 4, 1920)

A History of Major County, Oklahoma
Elmer Calvin Vickers was born January 24, 1880 in Missouri. He was the
third child of James Henry and Naomi Elsie Vickers. While living with his
parents, in 1903 he homesteaded in Woods (Major) county on property just north
of his parents in range 20, township 14.
Leona Ruth Sparks, daughter of Joseph and Flora Sparks, was born November
1, 1887 in Stafford County, Kansas.
Ruth, as she was known, came with her parents April 1, 1894 to the Aline
community where they homesteaded in th Cherokee Strip run. She was 19 years old
when she taught her first four month term of school at the Independence rural
school, about a mile north of the Apple Grove corner. She received $40.00 a
month. November and December 1906 and January and Feburary 1907. Eight year old
Hollie Vickers was a student in the third grade. She met his brother Callie.
Callie and Ruth were married in July, 1907. Callie had lived alone in a
dugout on his claim for three years. They lived with his parents until about
Christmas 1907 when they moved into their log house they had built with logs
cut and hauled from the Henry Vickers land. They had five children, all born in
Major county. The first three born on the homestead.
Joe was born April 5, 1910, married Dora Berry, they live in California;
Eva was born April 20, 1908, married Henry Carpenter (he died in 1958), she
lives in Montana; Alice was born May 25, 1914, married Otis Swisher (he died in
1975), she lives in Arkansas City, Kansas; Harley was born April 23, 1918,
married Frances Crawford, (he died Dec. 20, 1975), she lives in Enid; Cassius
Ellsworth "Mutt" was born Febuary 27, 1920, married Velma Carpenter (from
Canada), they live in Montana.
Well water on the claim was full of gyp and minerals and was not food for
drinking. A cistern was their water supply. Snow was added in the winter time
and water was hauled from wells in the black jacks when rain failed to provide
To keep milk, butter and cream sweet they were put in containers, set in a
bucket that was let down into the cistern on a rope. They raised chickens,
hogs, and kept a cow for milk. Pork was cured and stored in a big wood box,
built high on the north side of the house. A ladder was used to take meat from
the box.
In the log cabin Joe slept on the floor, catty cornered to two walls. One
night Callie heard a rattler. They lit the kerosene lamp and saw the snake
coiled, ready to strike, in the corner by Joe.(it had to crawl across him to
get there) Callie loaded his gun, Ruth held Joe's ankle and as Callie fired she
jerked Joe away as the rattler struck.
Callie was not a well man. T.B. of the bone prevented him from doing super
exhaustive work. He raised kafir corn and maize, but broom corn was his main
cash crop. He traded work with neighvors to get the broomcorn pulled and
In 1916 they sold the homestead and rented better farmland to the north.
When Alice was four years old Ida Dow talked the Vickers into sending her to
school so her son Wilbur, also four, would have someone to play with. Ida was
Alice's first teacher at Pleasant Hill. In December, on the way home from
school Joe fell down. Playfully Eva and Alice was holding him down. Alice's
hand went on a rattlesnake. It bit her on the finger. When they got home the
folks soaked it in kerosene. When they tried to give her whisky it burned her
mouth. Papa Callie said: "Well honey, if it burns you don't have to drink it."
He thought she was going to die anyway. They took her to Dr. Gleason in
Fairview. By the time they got there her arm and hand had swollen until they
had to cut her sleve from the wrist to the shouledr. She survived.
Eva and Joe had started to school at Independence. All the children
graduated from the eighth grade, and all but Alice from Fairview High School.
Joe went to Normal School at Alva and taught schools at Cedar Springs, Round
Mound, West Pleasant Hill and Orienta. Haraley enlisted in the U.S. Navy when
he was 17, retired at 37, received his Bachelors degree at the University of
Okla., a Masters degree at Alva, and is teaching school at DeWitt Jr. High in
Doctor bills kept the family's cash supply low. When Callie died April 3,
1920, he left Ruth with a five weeks old baby, four other children and little
In February 1921 she married Joe Thompson. They had one child, Frances Ruth
(Mrs. Glenn Warner). They lived in Major county until he died in 1949. Mama
Ruth then moved to Montana. She now lives with daughter Eva in Belgrade. She
was 88, nov. 1, 1975.
Submitted by Frances Vickers

[NI0049] This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
Henry /HOWLAND/ (AFN:3W6V-WS) and Mary /NEWLAND/ (AFN:8NRL-V0)

[NI0126] This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
Henry /HOWLAND/ (AFN:8WRK-72) and Ann // (AFN:8NRL-H3)

[NI0201] Died at age 4

[NI0219] This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
William /TWINING/ (AFN:1TGV-XL) and Unknown

[NI0335] Linda was born to Vivian Carpenter and raised by Irene Carpenter.

[NI0341] Died as infant.

[NI0344] Rodney was born before first marriage, and I am unsure of fathers name.

[NI0375] Jerome Wachsmuth: "Aunt Laura called Great-greaat Grandfather John but the
military records we found and I believe the grave marker were also Anton.
On the gravestone, Juliane Henriette (Jenner) Gartmann omits the Juliane and on
Johanna Christiena (Eiele) Wachsmuth the headstone omits the Johanna and so on-
Grandpa Charles Heinzen died of stomach cancer. You will note that grandpa, my
dad was born not much more than six months after his parents were married.
Under additional circumstances listed in the Marriage certificate it says
'Consent of grooms father given personally.'
On Margaretha Buettner's death record it says - 'Died very suddenly.'
Johanna Christiena Wachsmuth, cause of death: gastric cancer - abdominal
Ewald Wachsmuth's states cause of death from Dieabetis and the father and
mother born in Saxony. Phillip Buettner's cause of death was Breams disease,
and mentions place of birth as Bayern, Germany. Keilberg Unterfranken."

"Before I went in the Marine Corps I was in the Service Battery 120th Field
Artillery of the (Red Arrow) 32nd Division of Wisconsin National Guard. On USS
Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor - in E Company 2nd Battalion 6th Marine, 2nd

[NI0377] Jerry Wachsmuth: "My dad's headstone says:

William C. Wachsmuth
PVT U S Army
1898 1976

He was in Company "C" 127th Infantry of the (Red Arrow) 32nd Division. My dad
always signed everything William or rather Wm C. Wachsmuth but the record of
his birth certificate gives the name of child as William Friedrich Wachsmuth.
Never knew about that until after he was gone."

[NI0379] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Regarding your (Jackie) Great Grandfather Ewald Wachsmuth - I
am reasonably sure that the family was fairly large. Probably more girls than
boys. In the Lutheran section of the Wildwood Cemetary in Sheboygan I found
the following. There was Pauline 1864-1938. She was married to a Charles
Kleve. Grandma said this was one of Ewalds' sisters. There was also a Bertha,
who I remember as Aunt Bertha so that is another of Ewolds' sisters. Beyond
that I really can't say with out doing more research."

[NI0380] Jerry Wachsmuth: "As far as the Gartmann side is concerned I am sure there were
brothers and sisters as this name is seen frequently but I have no solid
records to pass on at this time. I'm sure if one really dug at census records
etc., and birth/death in the local archives one could come up with something.
I believe I told you after Ewald died Maria remarried to a Christ Rochrborn
before she passed away October 2, 1914."

[NI0387] Place of birth questionable, might be Manitowok

[NI0389] Anton Heinzen in Military records is filed this way:


Company D 48th Wisconsin Infantry
Original Filed under
Heinzen, Anton
Co D 48th Wis. Inf.

[NI0460] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Uncle Carl was plant superintendant at the Schreier Matting
Company in Sheboy gan from the time it opened until he retired."

[NI0461] Jerry Wachsmuth: "For most of his working life he was employed at Badger State
Tanning Company in Sheboygan."

[NI0466] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Prosper married Rose Gerhman whose father was a congressman.
They lived on a farm in Northern Wisconsin. I was born in the house that they
lived in. They had seven children. I am not sure which ones are still alive."

[NI0476] Jerry Wachsmuth: "He worked in a auto manufacturing plant in Racine Wisconsin
and then went into chicken and egg business. There is one adopted child.

[NI0481] Jerry Wachsmuth : "Virgel died when he was very young, 2 years old."

[NI0483] Robert lives in Russelville Arkansas.

[NI0485] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Donald was in the U.S.M.C. and was killed in Okinawa WW2."

[NI0486] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Norman was in the Marine COprs and now lives in Bolwar

[NI0491] Jerry Wachsmuth: "William was killed in an industrial accident."

[NI0493] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Herman was in the Army and killed during the Normandy Beach
landing in France WW2. Hermie and I were in the Wisconsin National Guard
together. (He was more like a brother to me.)"

[NI0494] Jerry Wachsmuth: "When we lived on the farm from 1926 to 1930 Uncle Herman was
the Post Master in Oastburg. He also about that time had a mink ranch and was
involved in many different business during his life. Aunt Laura is still
living and resides in a rest home in West Palm Beach, Florida."

[NI0503] Jerry Wachsmuth: "She was married to a man by the name of Kachur. I cannot
remember his first name. They had one adopted daughter named Gloria who I
believed married a person, last name VanDerVort. As far as I know they still
live in Sheboygan but I could be wrong on that as I have not seen her since
before I left home in 1939. Edna was about the same age as my mother.
Probably born in about the year 1900. Also she died before my dad. I think in
1971 or 1972. The one thing I do remember is that Gloria never told my father
that she had passed away and she was gone 6 or 7 months before he knew about

[NI0504] Jerry Wachsmuth: "John lived in one of the three houses on North 10th that
Grandma mentioned on the tape and had a large family too. As you already
have in your program, Anton Heinzen and Anna Maria Reif are the great-great
grandparents (Jackies')."

[NI0506] Jerry Wachsmuth: "I cannot tell you about the rest of CHarles Heinzens'
brothers and sisters except for Nicholas and I was told that he was in an
insane asylum- and as far as I know he died there. Grandma said he went out of
his mind over religion."

[NI0508] Jerry Wachsmuth: "Anna was born in 1868 and died in 1950. She was married to a
Charles J. Schirmeister. They are one of the large families that was mentioned
on the tape by Grandma and lived on North 10th St."

[NI0521] Jeffry Wayne Schwaebly died as a result of a gun shot to the head. Officially
it was listed as a suicide, however family members tend to believe that it was
an accidental shooting.

[NI0742] Enlisted at Camp, August 10, 1862. Died at the seige at Vicksburg during the
civil war.

[NI0765] ! Named after Louie Spratland, 1/2 uncle of Myrtle Read's mother by marriage.
Wilkins, after Dr. Wilkins of LaPorte, Colorado. Information from Ester
(Roberts) Armstrong. 21 Aug 1988.

[NI0767] ! We have a greenhouse in LaPorte, Colorado, raise bedding plants and some pot
plants. Have been here since 1971.

[NI0773] ! William Roberts was a Tabacco Farmer ? in Kentucky.

Vol 1 & 2 Fort Collins Library book # 929.3.
Vol 1, page 203 4 DEC 1778
( 383 ) Called Court on James Smith, for stealing leather from the tanyard of
Herman Lovingood -- Guilty and sent to Williamsburg.

! Vol 2, page 148 1814.
Hanger's excutors vs. Lovingood's heirs--O. S. 178; N. S. 63--Bill 1814.
Orators are Peter and Jacob Hanger, executors and heirs of Peter Hanger,
deceased. Peter, deceased, had bought all Herman Lovingood's land laying near
Staunton. Lovingood moved away from Virginia, then died, leaving children,
viz: Samuel, Jacob, John, Ann, Herman, Elizabeth (who married William
Williams), Barbary (who married John Beerd), Polly, Catherine and Peggy
Lovingood. Amended bill by Peter Rush and Barbra, his wife (late Hanger):
George Hanger, Fredric Fultz and Hanna, his wife (late Hanger), Henry Eidson
and Catharine, his wife (late Hanger); David Hanger, the children of Frederic
Hanger, deceased. Peter and Jacob Hanger who are the only children and heirs of
Peter Hanger, deceased (Peter Hanger was called the "Old Rock").

[NI0775] ! He was a Merchant and Miner, discovered lead near Joplin, Missouri.
We have 3 deeds from Jasper Co., Missouri, and his name is Hermon L. Roberts.

There is no Junior on the name. Dean.

! Hickory Co., Missouri land records. The record books were distroyed, but the
index is there.
He bought land there Janurary 3, 1868.
He had other land deals in 1873.
He sold land there Feburary 10, 1873.
Jasper Co., Missouri:
He bought land there November 11, 1872.
He sold land there March 17, 1874, the deed says he is from Hickory Co..

! Passed down through the family: Herman was born in Boone Co., Kentucky. We
can not find any records in Boone Co., we checked probate, land and marriage
records. We haven't checked the tax records or census records yet. Dean

!Elsie Murphy says they went to Hickory Co., Missouri form Wisconsin, in 1864.
Also there were 7 boys and 3 girls in the family.

! JOPLIN DAILY, January 27, 1887, pp 4, col. 1.
-H. L. Roberts, aged 66 years, died yesterday morning at the Stevens
diggings of gravel. The remains were interred in the evening at the Central
School house burying ground. ( The cemetery is called the Centeral City
Cemetery, used to be named Shewmack. It is west of Joplin, south of U. S. Hwy.
66, on 29 th st., on the west side. It is a very small cemetery, not
maintained. There is still a church there. There are no stones for any Roberts.
The lady we got the information from is Colleen Belk, telephone 623-1299. Oct
1989.) The mine is 1 1/2 miles north of Cemetery on Co. Rd. JJ, East side of
! Herman bought land in Lancaster, Grant Co., Wisconsin in 1861.

[NI0776] ! Sarah did have a stone, but it has been distroyed.

! Lancaster, Grant Co., Wisconsin , October 9, 1865, Herman L. and Elizabeth
Roberts sold land. The deed was witnessed by a JOHN W. JENNINGS.

! We have seen in several places where she was born in Ohio, at this time we
think it was Indiana, this also was passed down through the family.

[NI0777] ! Went to the Civil War and was never heard
from after he left.

Husband: John S. Roberts
Husband Father: Herman Roberts
Husband Mother: Elizabeth Roberts
Husband Ocupation: Farmer
Husband Residence: Lancaster
Husband Birth Place: Illinois
Name of Wife: Miss. Jane R. Bonham
Wife Father: Joseph Bonham
Wife Mother: Leah Bonham
Marriage Conducted: April 1, 1866
Place: Lancaster, Wisconsin.
If this is the right John, he got married after the Civil War. Found this
information Oct 1989 in Lancaster, I doubt if his name was John Quincy Adams.

[NI0778] ! Ester said he died in Soloman's house in Missoui.

[NI0779] ! Killed in a lead mine, in Joplin, Missouri. Had two Daughters, names unknown.

! Was listed as Cornelias in the 1850 census.

! JOPLIN DAILY HAROLD, April 15, 1887, pp 4, col. 1.
-C. B. Roberts the miner who was injured at the Stevens diggings last
Saturday, died from his injuries Tuesday evening. He left a wife and two

[NI0780] ! George was a wheat farmer, raised purebred Holstein Cattle, Poland China
Hogs, White Wyandotte Chickens, (all the above were showstock). He lived in
Larned, Kansas - moved to Plains, Kansas in 1913 - built a 5 bed-room modern
farm house. Also had a general store in Plains, plus one in Ensign, Kansas.
Large land holdings in Kansas and Citrus Fruit land near Mission, Texas.

! Stela Mackey's father probably was Samuel Mackey. This information is from
the marriage licence in Hickory Co., Missouri. George could have owned land in
Hickory Co.. The old deed books were distroyed, but the indexes are there and
there is a G.W. Roberts that sold land Jan 28, 1891.

! G. W. Roberts sold land in Hickory Co. Missouri, 28 JAN 1891. R-20, Twp-37,
Section-24. N 1/2 N W.

[NI0781] ! Duane and Edie were dairy farmers is Grant Co., Wisconsin. Probably burried
there, Lancaster maby.

! Grant Co. Wisconsin Marriage Book 4, Page 6.
Husband: Antona Knapp
Husband Father: Conrad Knapp
Husband Mother: Margaret Knapp
Ocupation Husband: Farmer
Residence Husband: Lancaster
Birth Place Husband: Germany
Name of Wife: Miss. Edie Roberts
Wife Father: Herman Roberts
Wife Mother: Elizabeth Roberts
Marriage Conducted: December 31, 1865
Place: Potori

[NI0782] ! Birth and Death dates form Grandview Cemetery.

! We have the marriage record from Hickory Co., Missouri where she married

! Her death certificate says she was born on 2 MAR 1850, date on certificate
indicates 3 MAR 1850. Death date is from certificate.

[NI0783] ! We have Solomon's Marriage Certificate, C.A. Woolery (Caroline A. McQueen,
Read, Woolery) and M.E. Read (Mary Ellen Roberts, Chresopu, Read) stood up with
them, they were married by Samuel J. Capps, JP. Bear Creek is near Walsenburg,

! Hickory Co., Missouri:
Janurary 22, 1897. Deed book 32, page 551. Soloman homesteaded land
August 20, 1897. Deed book 34, page 209. Soloman sold land

! S. H. Roberts, 80, Dies at Laporte
S. H. Roberts, 80, a resident of Larimer county since 1902, died at 2:15
a.m. Wednesday at his home at Laporte.
He was born July 25, 1858, near Lancaster, Wis., and came to Colorado in
1877. He Married Miss Myrtle A. Read on April 10, 1885, at Walsenburg, Colo.,
and the came to Laporte in 1902. He was a farmer for many years and for the
last 11 years held the gypsum contract for the Colorado-Portland cement plant.
He is survived by his wife, six children, Mrs. Edith O'Brien, and Harvey
Roberts of Fort Collins, George Roberts, Louie Roberts, and Mrs. Esther Twite
of Laporte, and Haulcie Roberts of Waverly; nine grandchildren, and six great
The funeral will be at 2:30 p. m. Friday at the Baptist church with the
Rev. R. L. Decker in charge. Burial will be in Grandview cemetery.

Solomon H. Roberts of Laporte died suddenly at his home Wednesday morning
at 2:15 o'clock of accute indigestion and heart attack. Mr. Roberts would have
been 81 had he lived until July 25, as he was born near Lancaster, Wis., July
25, 1858. He had been actively engaged in business 'til the time of his death
and his sudden passing brought sorrow to his family and many friends in the
Laporte vicinity, where he and his family have resided since 1902.
Mr. Roberts made friends where ever he went and he kept these friendships
through the years. He was married to Miss. Myrtle A. Read of Missouri, in
Walsenburg, Colo., April 10, 1885, and they celebrated their Golden wedding
anniversary four years ago. Then this last year they had a party celebrating
their 54th anniversary. After Springfield, Mo., for a while, then to Pueblo,
before coming to Laporte.
Mr. Roberts has been a farmer, groceryman and for the past 11 years held
the gypsum contract for the Colorado-Portland Cement company.
Funeral services will be in charge of the Balmer-Collins mortuary and will
be from the Baptist church this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and Rev. R. L. Decker
will officiate at the services. Mr. Roberts was a member of the Baptist church
for the past 49 years.
Surviving are Mrs. Roberts, wife of the de eased, his six children, Mrs.
Edith O'Brien, and Harvy Roberts of Fort Collins; George Roberts, Louie Roberts
and Mrs. Esther Twite of Laporte, and Haulcie Roberts of Waverly; nine
grandchildren and six great grnadchildren.

! Solomon died one day before his sister Neomi Elsie Vickers.

[NI0784] ! MRS. MYRTLE ROBERTS, Expires here at 82

! Mrs. Myrtle A. Roberts, 82 of LaPorte, who had lived here since 1902,
died at a local rest home Saturday night. She had been ill several years,
suffering several strokes during that period.
She was the wife of Solomon H. Roberts, whom she married April 10,1885,
at Walsenburg. He died here June 28, 1939.
Mrs. Roberts was born at Knobnoster, Missouri, Nov. 13, 1871, and came
to Colorado at the age'of 10. She lived at Pueblo before coming here. She was a
member of the First Baptist Church, of the Disabled American Veterans
Auxiliary, the WCTU and the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Club.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Edith O'Brien of Fort Collins and Mrs.
Ester Twite of Pueblo, and four sons, George S. of LaPorte, Haulcie H. of
Wellington, Harvy D. of Craig, Colorado, and Louie W. Roberts of LaPorte.
There are five brothers, a stepsister, nine grand children, 16 great
grandchildren and four great great grandchildren.
The funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at the First Baptist
Church, with the Balmer & Collins mortuaary in charge. Burial will be at
Grandview cemetery.

Esther Armstrong
Ester R. Roberts Armstrong, 77, of Englewood died Friday May 25, 1990, at
Swedish Medical Center.
Memorial services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Allnutt Funeral Service
Goodrich Chapel with the Rev. Robert Hamilton officiating. Burial will be in
Grandview Cemetery.
Mrs. Armstrong was born Oct. 15, 1912, in Bellvue.
She attended Cache La Poudre High School. She and her husband owned and
operated a selfserve gas station for 12 years in Englewood. She also attended
the Methodist Church.
She was married to Robert Armstrong, who is deceased.
Survivors include two nephews and five nieces.
If friends wish, memorial gifts may be made to the Diabetes Foundation in
care of Allnutt Funeral Service. Friends may call from 5-8 p.m. today at the
Goodrich Chapel.

[NI0796] ! Birth date form Cemetery records at Grandview Cemetery.

! Death and birth date from death certificate.

! Farmer and Druggist in Nevada, Missouri. Came by covered wagon to Pueblo
in 1881. In 1882 established ranch in Spanish Peaks near Walsenburg, Colorado.
Moved to Bellvue, Colorado in 1913. Veteran of the Civil War. Enlisted as a
private in H. J. Cavalry Company "A" in Missouri April 1861. Dicharged by
general order at Paola, Kansas Feburary, 1862. Member of George H Thomas Post
No. 7. Grand Army of the Republic (Union)

! Read, Henry, age 18 Rank Pvt Co. I Captain Rottaken Enllisted Feb.
8,1862 Rolla, Missouri. Mustered in Feb. 8, 1862. Rolla, Missouri
Remarks: Corpl. Oct 1863 Mustered out January 30, 1865, Baton Rouge, La.

[NI0811] ! Lived in Boulder Co., Colorado, in the Longmont area.

! Death Certificate: Died N. of Fair Grounds - City. 21 MAY 1913, Wife still
living, Elizabeth. Came to Colorado in 1889, moved form Pueblo, 18 SEP 1903
to Boulder. He was a miner and a truck farmer. Supposed to have had one
adopted daughter, not proven.

! On his death certificate, his father is listed as William Roberts, and his
Mother is listed as Edie Roberts.

! GRANT CO., WISCONSIN, birth records, book 63, pp 219. Archibald's birth.

December 11, 1964
Funeral services for Grover Read, 78, a former resident of Casper, were
conducted Friday, 2 p.m., at the Hillside Chapel of Memories, with Dr. Charles
S. Bream, Lutheran minister, officiating.
Interment was in the Eagles Section of Highland Cemetery, with graveside
military honors by the American Legion.
Mr. read died Sunday in Las Vagas, Nev. at Southern Nevada Memorial
Hospital after a brief illness.
He was born July 24, 1886 in Walsenburg, Colo. He was a veteran of World
War I.
Mr. Read was retired, after having been employed for many years at Kimball
Drug and the Wyoming National Bank.
He is survived by Mrs. Bell Read, of Casper; a son, Roy F. Read, of Casper;
two brothers, Ivan Read, of Bellvue, Colo., and Elmer Read, of Denver; and five
grand children, all of Casper.

[NI0820] ! Death Calls Frank O'Brien
After a three-year illness with a heart ailment, Frank O'Brien, a resident
of the Fort Collins area from 1902 until recenty, died Friday at his home in
Denver. Mr. O'Brien and his wife, the Former Miss Edith Roberts, celebrated
their 50th wedding anniversary in 1953 at their Fort Collins home at 223 South
Whitcomb Street.
Mr. O'Brien retired in 1949 as superintendent of the Laramie-Poudre
Irrigation Co. after 22 years' service. He was born at Braidwood, Ill.,
attended schools in Denver and came here in 1902. Mr. And Mrs O'Brien were
married at Bellvue Jan. 11, 1903.
He was a member of the Farmers Union at Bellvue.
Surviving, besides his wife, are a daughter, Mrs. Charles Lacy of Denver; a
son, Edward O'Brien of Denver, nine grandchildren and five great grnadchildren.
There are several nieces and nephews, including Albert Hausler of Okeland,
The funeral will be conducted at the First Baptist Church by the Rev. W. P.
Whittemore at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Burial will be at Grandview cemetery, with the
Balmer & Collins mortuary in charge.

[NI0822] !Shirley has 3 sons. Info. from Pat Lacy 1989.

[NI0831] ! Eckert is part of Orchard City, just north of Delta.

[NI0837] Info on Twin's is from a newspaper cliping from a Sacramento paper. They
were living at 828 14th. St. at that time.

[NI0838] Grandview Cemetery, section G, Grave 6, Lot 31.

[NI0852] ! Geo. & Stella were Baptised into the Baptist Church of Christ. Can't read the
name of the town looks like Little Miangud.

Edwin Roberts was born on August 10, 1896, at Liberty, Kansas, and passed
away last Sunday morning, August 28, 1955, at St. Catherine Hospital here in
Garden City. He died at the age of 59 years and 17 days.
In his early childhood he moved with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W.
Roberts, to Larned, Kansas. At 13 years of age Mr. Roberts accepted Christ as
Saviour and joinded the Bapsist Church there. He attended Ottowa University for
some three years, after which time he served his country in the Marine Corps
during World War I.
Following the war Mr. Roberts worked for the Railroad as pipe fitter in
Denver, Colorado, during which time he married Bertha Turnquist of Lindsborg,
Kansas, on July 1, 1922, making their home in Denver.
In 1925, they moved to Plains, Kansas, where he was engaged in farming.
While living there, the Lord blessed the home with three children, the oldest
son preceding Mr. Roberts in death at birth.
In church work Mr. Roberts was active as deacon and teacher, never failing
to give a testimony for his Lord. In 1947 the family moved to Garden City,
Kansas, where he has been a resident until his death.
Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Bertha Roberts; tow sons, J. Don Roberts of
Dallas, Texas, and Karel D. Roberts of Garden City, Kansas; two grandchildren,
Larry and Janet Roberts of Dallas, Texas; two half brothers, George Roberts of
Meade, Kansas, and Dan Roberts of Plains, Kansas; one half sister, Mrs. Earl
Murphy of Colorado Springs, Colorado; and hes step-mother, Mrs. Ann Roberts of
Wichita, Kansas.

[NI0854] ! Died of a Heart Attack while deer hunting.

[NI0855] ! In her funeral card it says she was born Aug 11, 1899.

! The Family Bible also states 1899.

[NI0856] ! George lived in Meade, Kansas on a farm, died of a heart attack.

[NI0857] ! Dan farmed and later lived in Plains, Kansas, Colorado Springs, Colorado,
and built a home in Liberal, Kansas. Dan died of a heart attack.

[NI0858] ! Elsie and Earl farmed until 1935, in Kansas, owned a motel in Colorado
Springs, Colorado in the 1950's.

[NI0878] ! Dies in Hospital
Aaron M. Twite, 76, of 1314 Virginia Street died Monday night at Poudre
Valley Memorial Hospital. (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Prior to retirement in 1947 Twite had worked 14 years with the Larimer
county road department. He had been in failing health for several years.
A native of Michigan, he was born Aug. 31, 1889. In his early youth he
moved with his family by covered wagon to Denver. He moved to Fort Collins in
1934 after having lived 19 years in Craig.
Twite was a infantryman during World War I and served overseas in France
and Germany. He was a member of the Poudre Valley Barracks No. 2065 of WWI
Besides his widow, Effie, whom he married in 1957, he is survived by nine
children, Mrs. Pearl Kilburn of Route 3; Mrs. Charlotte McGee, of Rio Linda,
Calif., Mrs. Harriett Drake of Kansas City, Mo., Aaron M. Twite Jr., of El
Cajon, Calif., Mrs. Pattie Bowles of Lompoc, Calif.,Sgt. Jack Twite of
Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Charles Twite of Kansas City, Mo., Mrs. Leona
May Houser of Topeka, Kan., and Miss. Leanna Twite of the home.
Also surviving are a stepson, Harry Marsh of San Mateo, Calif., a half
sister, Mrs. Mary Bovey of Denver and a half brother, Nelson Schofield of
Westminster; 23 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
The funeral will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Warren Funeral Chapel
by Elder J. D. Bolejack, pastor of the Seventhday Adventist Church. Military
rites will be conducdted at the graveside in Roselawn Cemetery.

[NI0885] ! He was robbed and killed near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

[NI0889] ! Information on birth and death dates from death certificate.

Laura Alice Read, 93, of Fort Collins, died Monday, May 21, 1990, at a
local nursing home.
A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Warren-Bohlander
Funeral Chaple. The Rev. George Hougham will officiate. Burial will be at
Roselawn Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. today.
Mrs Read was born May 17, 1897, in LaVeta. She was a homemaker and came to
Fort Collins in 1926 from Bennett.
She was a member of the LaPorte Presbyterian Church, Bellvue Grange and
Bellvue Senior Citizens. She was a midwife and a beekeeper for many years.
She married Ivan H. Read on Jan 25, 1920, in LaVeta. He died May 6, 1965.
Survivors include a son, Ivan H. Read Jr. of Bellvue; a daughter, Mary
Alice Mullin of Nampa, Idaho; a sister, Nina Vernon of Tacoma, Wash.; four
grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

[NI0893] She was adopted.

[NI0916] !Lived in Fairview, Oklahoma.

! Fort Collins, Colorado newspaper
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Roberts, Geo. Roberts and Mrs. Frank O'Brien left Sunday
for Fairview, Oklahoma, where they will visit Mr. Roberts' sister who is sick,
and his niece, Mrs. Mary Warner. No date on this article.

June 29, 1939
Mrs. Naomi Elsie Vickers passed away Sunday,(June 25, 1939) at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Neva Warner, of this city. Mrs. Vickers had been in ill
health for a long time and was 86 years, 3months and 4 days old at the time of
her death. ( should have read 86 y, 3m, 21d.)
She united with the Baptist church in 1872 and has lived as a devoted
Christian thru her long and useful life.
Funeral services were held at the Nazarene church with Rev. Park Reed
preaching the funeral sermon. Interment was made in the Bethel Cemetery.
Surviving her are two daughters, Mrs Neva Warner, of Fairview, and Mrs.
Effie Longstreet, and one son, Hallis C. Vickers, both of Portales, New Mexico,
22 grandchildren and 31 great-grandchildren, other relatives and a score of

[NI0934] ! Harold died in College of food poisoning.

[NI0945] ! Came to America in 1846.

[NI0946] ! Her first name was Alice, but she went by Allie.

A History of Major Co., Oklahoma
The correction line of section 2 and 3 divided the 160 acres in range 20,
township 14, homesteaded by James Henry Vickers. He was known as Henry. $14.00
was the filing fee late in 1894. He was looking for farm land.
He was born Jan. 19, 1894 (Wrong year) in Kentucky. His father was born in
Kentucky in 1818 and died 1854 in Hickory Co., Missouri. His mother's name was
Sarah who later married Eli Ray.
Naomi Elsie Roberts was born March 21, 1853 in Illinois. Her father Hurman
Roberts, was born in 1817 in Indiana and died July 4, 1882 in Pueblo, Colorado.
( Her Father was Herman Lovingood Roberts, Born 1820 in Kentucky, died Janurary
26, 1887, Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri. See RIN # 303. Naomi's mother, Sarah
Elizabeth Jennings, born 1818 Indiana or Ohio, died July 4, 1881, Pueblo,
Colorado. See RIN # 304.
James Henry Vickers and Naomi Roberts were married September 12, 1873 in
Hickory County, Missouri. He was a Methodist minister and rural school teacher.
They had six children, all born in Missouri. Ellen (Mrs. Will Tyler) 1874-1936;
Effie (Mrs. Louis Longstreet) 1877-1948; Elmer Calvin (Callie) 1880-1920; Eva
(Mrs. William Tucker) 1882-1905; Neva (Mrs. Joe Warner) 1885-1965; Hollie
1880-1972 ( Hollie's birth date is wrong,1890?).
Henry and his son Callie made a half dugout. They broke enough land to
plant a crop. In June Henry went back to Blackwell, where he had lots from the
Cherokee Outlet run, and brought the family to their new home.
In 1903 Callie homesteaded on the adjoining property. The original owner
did not prove up his claim and it was relinquished.
Ellie Vickers homesteaded just west of her father. She was unmarried and
lived alone. A fortune teller came through and charged a fee for her services.
She warned her about the 'man across the canyon'. Ellie was scared and started
carying a gun to protect herself. She told her sister Effie (Mrs. Louis
Longstreet). The 'man across the canyon' was Sam Longstreet, her
brother-in-law. Effie got the two together. The fortune teller had also been to
Sam's and warned him about the 'woman across the canyon'. They were each
suspicious of the other. It was good for a laugh. The fortune teller had no
idea of the family connection.
Although selling cedar logs was a popular way of making cash, it was
against goverment regulations to cut cedar on some of the lands. One time when
a bunch of the men were cutting, they saw a Marshall and his Deputy comming.
There was no time to get everything hid so he had all of them run and hide. He
kept on chopping. When the Marshall appeard and told him it was against the
law, Henry pointed to his ears and shook his head. The Marshall remarked:"Oh
well, a deaf man really needs these", and rode off. They hauled the cedars to
Kiowa, Kansas and sold them for 4 cents each
Mr. and Mrs. Vickers sold their homestead and moved to Sayre, Okalhoma
where he died in 1920. Naomi visted and lived with her children. She was living
with her daughter Nevie (Mrs. Joe Warner) when she died in 1939. She is buried
in Bethel cemetery, south of the Dane school house.
Submitted by Rrancis Vickers
(DANE, In Major County, 7 miles southwest of Fairview. A post office from
August 3, 1895 to July 31, 1909. No longer in existence.)

Complaint seeking divorce was filed in District court today by George J.
Kilburn of Route No. 3, recently discharged from the armed service, against
Pearl R. Kilburn. The cuple was married in Greeley July 6, 1935, and has one
child, whose custody is sought by the husband.
This article probably come from the Fort Collins paper.

[NI0967] Now lives in Boise, Id 07-05-1991.

[NI0971] ! Betty met Bud in San Diego when he was in the Navy. They were both from
Colorado. They met on June 17th and were married on August 7, 1948. Betty
knew a good man when she saw one and was not about to let him get away!
They will be married 44 years on August 7th.1992.

[NI1066] Information on birth and death from birth certificate and funeral record.

[NI1118] ! Deed book 53, page 609, Grant Co., Wisconsin. Fountain sold land in Beetown,
January 21, 1866.

The Casper Tribune
Janurary 24, 1967

! Mrs. Belle F. Read, 85, died Monday morning at Memorial Hospital after a
lengthy illness. She lived at 920 East "H" in Casper.
She was born April 2, 1881 in Texas, and lived many years in Colorado before
coming to Casper in 1924. She was preceded in death by her husband, Grover,
Dec. 1964.
Mrs Read was a member of the Church of the Open Bible and a member of the
Eagles Auxilary.
She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Agnas Caldwell of Casper; two sons, Sam
Underwood and Roy Read, both of Casper; one sister, Mrs. Minnie Norman of
Dallas, Ore.; 22 grandchildren; 31 great-grandchildren; and six great-great
Funeral services are tentatively scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday at the
Bustard Funeral Home. Burial will be in the family plot in Highland Cemetery.

May 27, 1965
Neva Alice Vickers was born June 26, 1885, at Calman, Missouri, and passed
away May 17, 1965, (Monday) at the age of 79 years, 10 months and 22 days.
( If the year, months and days are right, she died on Tuesday May 18, 1965.)
In 1893 she moved with her parents to Blackwell, Oklahoma, and in 1895 they
moved west of Fairview, Oklahoma, where she resided the rest of her life.
On November 1, 1903, she was united in marriage to Joseph Leeander Warner
and to this union there were born 6 girls and 2 boys. Her husband passed away
September 30, 1954.
To mourn her passing on she leaves six daughters, Goldie Bowers, Mable
Fortune and Leona Archer of Fairview, Okla.; Sylvia Fortune of Wichita, Kan.,
Ruby Bell Chaloupek of Ponca City, Okla., and Leo of Chester, Okla.; 33
grandchildren and 69 great grandchildren; one brother Hollie Vickers of
Portales, New Mexico; and a host of friends.

June 3, 1965
Funeral services were atr 2 p.m. Thursday in the Midway Assembly of God
Church, wewt of Fairview, for Neva Warner, 79, Fairview, who died Tuesday in a
xlocal hospital.
Rev. J. P. McCamey officiated and burial was in the Orion cemetery, west of
Fairview, under direction of Ingram Funeral Home.
Born in Missouri, she moved to the Fairview community in 1893. She lived
there until she became ill two weeks ago
Survivors include two sone, Ralph Warner, Fairview and Leo, Chester; six
daughters, Goldie Bowere, Mable Fortune and Leona Archer, all of Fairview,
Sylvia Fortune, Wichita, Kan.,Ruby Choloupek, Ponca City and Beulah Broomfield
of Ringwood; one brother, Hollie Vickers, Portales, N.M.; 33 grandchildren and
70 great grandchildren.

[NI1178] ! He went by Hallie.

A History of Major Co., Oklahoma
Joseph Warner came to Major County in 1898 at the age of 20 with his
father, Samuel Taylor Warner, and eight brothers and sisters. They settled on a
farm 17 miles west of Fairview and here he remained until he homesteaded
October 19, 1905 according to a land grant signed by Theodore Roosevelt
pursuant of the Act of Congress approved May 20th, 1862.
Neva Vickers moved to Major County from Missouri with her parents who, too,
were homesteaders west of Fairview. Joe and Neva met, courted and married.
The first home of the Warners was a gyp stone house which Joe built. The
following is a quote form Neva Warner about her new home. "On the homestead Joe
built a rock house. It had dirt floors until he hauled in gyp rocks, burned
them to a powder and mixed the powder with water and made a white floor.
Back then we had no screen doors. When the wood door was open anything
could come in. One morning Joe milked the cows and set the buckets of milk on
the floor. The door was left open and in came a couple of pigs. They tipped
over the milk and it ran all over my white floors! I sat down and cried. In a
little bit I started laughing when I thought of the old saying, 'Don't cry over
spilt milk'."
Our daughter, Goldie Warner Bowers was born on the old homestead.
In 1906 Joe and Neva bought Joe's brother Dave's farm one mile farther west
and 1/4 south of the west side of the road. They owned a full 160 acres. They
sold their homestead to Joe's father, Taylor Warner. The first home on the new
farm was a two room picket house made from picket poles. The kitchen had a dirt
floor. Neva would sprinkle water on the dirt floor to settle the dirt then
sweep it until it was clean!
Early life in Major County was not uneventful according to Goldie, a
daughter. "A neighbor was cutting ice out of the frozen river that ran down
south of our place (the North Canadian) in the middle of the winter. He took
the ice home for family use. Later some Indians came up the river and one of
their horses fell in where the ice had been taken. This made the Indians mad
and the neighbor got in a fight and killed one of the Indians. He got away but
that night we heard the Indians beating the drums and getting ready to go on
the warpath. Of course we were all scared but nothing ever came of it."
In 1940 Joe and Neva moved to an 80 acre farm 12 miles west of Fairview
where the Apple Grove store was located. They sold their 160 acres to a son,
Ralph, they lived on this 80 acres the remainder of their days.
Joseph L. Warner was born Oct. 28, 1878 and departed this life Sept. 30,
Neva Vickers Warner was born July 26, 1885 and departed this life May 17,
Eight children were born to Joseph and Neva Warner; Goldie, born July 29,
1904, Mable, Aug. 28, 1907, Sylvia, Nov. 8, 1909, Ralph, Jan.17, 1912, Leona,
Aug. 30, 1914, Ruby, March 15, 1917, Beulah, Sept. 9, 1919, and Leo May 26,
Submitted by
Gary E. Pembrook
Enid, Okla.

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